Charlie Kartchner

As a lifetime technology entrepreneur, Charlie studied CIS (Computer Information Systems) at Northern Arizona University in the mid-1990’s including early programming languages such as COBOL, C and QBasic. During the tech-boom of the late ’90’s, Charlie worked at headquarters in the financial district of San Francisco as a systems analyst. Also heavily involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pre-Google, during which time AOL, Alta Vista, Excite and Hotbot dominated the internet search landscape.

Seeking a new challenge and adventure, Charlie began his real estate career in 2002 at Coldwell Banker in Orinda, California. And completed his first condominium conversion project in 2006 in Oakland, California.

Charlie’s unique skill-set combines cutting-edge next generation online marketing including professional press releases and social media campaigns to maximize exposure, both locally and internationally. With multiple condo conversion projects completed, as principal, Charlie has extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of the conversion process, from initial multifamily building acquisition all the way to successful sale and closing of individual units.

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